20th Reunion DVD

If you enjoyed this teaser...

Thank you for such a wonderful turnout for the 20th Reunion Weekend.  We shared the Gala event with more than 300 fellow classmates and their guests. 

Well, after many, many hours of work this project, We are very pleased to report that IT IS COMPLETELY DONE!!!  We hope that you enjoy the over 2-hour presentation of more than 600 photographs, slides and images, 7 videos of then and now as well as a trip down memory lane with a numerous selection of flashback music and maybe a couple of tracks from more current times!  The cost is just $10, with all proceeds deposited into the 20th Reunion Account for future events and activities.

Thanks again for your patience and participation.  Please take care, have fun and stay in touch.

Rick Murray & the Worthington Class of 1989 Reunion Committee

We have supplied a link to PayPal for ease of ordering at the bottom of this screen.  If you don't want to use PayPal,  please shoot me a quick e-mail for the mailing address.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, problems, issues, recipes, lottery numbers, or anything else, send an e-mail.


Some comments from fellow classmates





“No wonder it took you that much time, this thing is incredible!  Everyone should be buying a copy of this…it is fantastic…”   - Fred Gans
“Hey I just wanted to say thank you for the great [Reunion] video and the memories that came along with it. I enjoyed it a lot and will continue to enjoy it…Once again I say thank you…”   - Geoff Riddle
“Wow!  Awesome job!  I got the DVD today and watched most of it already.  I really enjoyed it! …”  - Chris Combs
“Got the DVD last week great job! Thanks so muck looks like I missed quite a party.  Loved the intro!”  - Chris Keels
“...I wanted to thank you for the video. I really means a lot to me since I couldn't make the reunion. Thanks again.”  - Mike Thornborough
“…I would just like to say the DVD is fabulous! You went above and beyond!! It was so great to watch!!! I loved it!”  -Heather Truesdell